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D-Art is an introductory program on Digital Graphic Design. Graphic Design is an extremely popular and trendy way for children to express themselves. It is not just a fun effort, but it is used almost by everyone. ADs, Campaigns, Website designs, Apps – The areas where graphic design is used are endless. This introductory module on graphic design will focus on the composition and creation of graphic design projects with easy to use tools

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Introduction to Graphic DesignWhat is Graphic Design? Why is it important to me? What can I create with it? Explore these topics while creating artifacts of their own1. Learn what are the elements of Graphic design
2. Learn some common areas where Graphic Design is used
1. Make Memes
2. Design a Card
What makes a good Meme?
Elements and Principles of Graphic DesignChildren explore the 7 design elements and principle and apply them in making digital artifacts1. Learn different forms Graphic Design has taken over the years1. Make a Logo
2. Design an Icon
3. Make a design for your T-Shirt
What is the difference between an icon and a logo? What are their purposes?
Visual LanguageExplaining something visually is what Graphic design is all about. This module will explore different tools including colors, types, images that can be combined to communicate our message1. Manipulating type to communicate a message
2. Meaning of colors and where to use what
3. Composing and using images
1. Make a Poster for a CauseWhat’s my latest favorite Ad? Why is it special?
CreateThe key to any good art is how creative it is. We will explore some creative exercises and tools1. Tools to keep creativity alive
2. Various ways of expressing Digitally
1. Make a Digital Portfolio
2. Make an Ad for a common object




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