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Speakers Club is a place for children above 8 years to explore and learn about speaking. Speaking to a group in an organised or impromptu setting is a key skill for children to have. From preparing the speech to using voice and body to convey their point in a persuasive way, speakers’ Club will help children develop their own style in voicing their thoughts

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The course is spread over multiple modules. The First 8 sessions focus on 2 types of speaking projects

1 – IntroductionWe introduce ourselves to many others almost on a daily basis. Do we pay any attention when we do that? An introduction is a great opportunity to influence our audience to look at us in a way we want them to. And we know how important that is – First Impressions and all. Here we Explore how to craft an introduction speech to paint a picture of ourselves1. Introduce yourself as an everyday object

2. Prepare and present an introduction of self


2 – Organised SpeechWe often speak about ideas and thoughts and elaborate on them. This is the most common form of public speaking. This module focuses on how to build your organized speech, how to bring the key details, supporting points together, and make it achieve your goal1. Choosing a topic

2. Prepare and present an Organised Speech

We will also be covering topics on building up their vocabulary, managing stage fear, how to prepare/practice for speeches in addition to the speaking projects.

New Batches Starting: Jan 2021

Flexi Class Available. Book and we will reach to schedule a class at a convenient time

Total Duration: 8 hrs

*Fee mentioned is for a single module only


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