Founded in 2013, Cilre was born out of a desire to make learning relevant, available and fun.

We believe that when we build a safe and healthy environment, especially for children to experiment with their ideas, we can open up a new world of opportunities for them.
Through an exploratory and collaborative approach, Cilre conceptualizes and designs learning programs which help individuals unlearn, unleash and unlimit.

The CILRE touch to learning

Knowledge + Skills + Attitude = LEARNING

At Cilre, we look at it the other way round
Attitude + Skills + Knowledge = LEARNING

Our experience through our programs re-enforces our belief that once the right mindset is built and a set of right tools are provided for a learner, they are SELF MOTIVATED to keep learning for the rest of their lives. In today’s world where knowledge is so widely accessible, ATTITUDE is the key component that makes all the DIFFERENCE!


Lifeline Of Cilre


Her love for children and a strong dislike towards conventional learning techniques, in spite of being state topper herself and securing a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from NIT Trichy, led Ananthi to lay the foundation of CILRE in 2013. Calm but ambitious , Ananthi is poised and has a Plan B to deal with a crisis situation with ease.


20 years apart in age from Ananthi, Gowri brings a vital characteristic to the table – Her Life Experience. She is a certified trainer for trainers and a professional story-teller, she wears multiple hats at Cilre. Fun, energetic and cheerful, her penchant towards the art of drama makes her a favourite at CILRE.


A perfectionist, a multi-tasker and a speed-reader with a photographic memory- Aparna possesses super human abilities when it comes to finishing a task and she puts it to good use by being an all-rounder for Cilre. Her attention to detail and immaculate planning enables us to conduct our workshops with precision and ease.

The CILRE army

50+ trained facilitators with specializations in varied backgrounds, work everyday, to help you grow, explore, and above all, unlearn.



A woman with a flair for words, Meera has won accolades for her writing and story-telling. A winner of the Deccan Herald Short Story Award and a former story performer on the radio, she has a knack for sparking creativity in others too.



A Keen and Cheerful soul with a friendly disposition. She comes with a background in community oriented work and a belief in the power of people's ability to self-actualize and enjoys engaging with children to empower them to do the same



With 8+ years of experience in teaching and working with children, Annal comes with a passion to help children explore and hone their talents. Her ‘never give up’ attitude makes her the go to person for everything at Cilre.



A master when it comes to reading people, Sajjal uses this skill to make friends easily, even with children. When she isn’t surfing the internet for interesting content, she is busy making sure that her impeccable organizational skills are brushing off everyone around her.

Our Partners

We associate ourselves with individuals and organizations that share the same belief as ours- Exceptional Learning Experience. Let us grow together.

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