A special offer where a combination of two workshops is offered as a combo. Best suitable for children who are opting for more than one workshop.

Save Rupees 999/- through this offer.

The Twin Combo II offers two workshops –

  • Potterology suitable for the age groups 8-14.

10 Sessions

The science of Harry Potter! Is the magic in Harry Potter really possible? This workshop explores the magical ideas of invisibility, transformation, human flight, magical potions, and perceives from a scientific perspective. Children will brainstorm, experiment, and conceptualize how they can be a reality.

  • Stop Motion Animation suitable for age groups 8-14.

10 Sessions

Children will get a chance to make their own animation movie using the stop motion technique. They will dream their own story, discover how life is added to inanimate objects in animation movies. They will get a chance to direct and shoot their own movie. This workshop will also expose them to how animation has evolved over time. They will need access to a camera and a laptop for this workshop


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