As times change, the skills needed change. The only way to keep growing is by learning how to learn. 

Go beyond the physical classrooms. Go beyond teacher led learning. Go beyond the limitations of subjects and textbooks.


As they start unschooling, children explore a variety of areas of interest together and seperately, taking guidance and stimulation, but leading their learning. 

The most conventional values, taught to them in unconventional ways; Through activities they want to take up voluntarily, and not with heads hanging low. For we believe, every child’s head hung low, is one opportunity lost to shine.

age groups

Expressive Arts
Arts forms the core part of the human experience. Through visual, dance/movement, music, drama/theater, and writing/poetry arts we encourage self discovery and change
There is no co-existence without communication. Children explore facets of communications from developing command over language to use of tools and technologies for the same
Making sense of the world through experimentation, analysis, problem solving and engineering
S.S.S stands for Spaces,Symbols and Systems. Its another approach to make sense of the world using an abstract toolkit of numbers, shapes and more
P.P.P stands for people, places and politics. Lets children explore the interactions among people, abundance of nature, and change over time
An undercurrent of all our learning, giving a special focus is paramount for this unseen yet the most valuable set of skills. Unlike other areas, this helps us make sense of ourselves more than the world around

Unschool with Cilre

As always, we at Cilre promise to make the journey of learning as interesting and fun as possible. We offer an alternative approach to textbook learning where the objective is to ensure that the children are well-equipped with information and resources to explore their areas of interest in their own, unique ways. Unschool with Cilre, we follow a child-centric approach, where the child takes complete ownership of his/ her learning journey. 

  • Integrated approach of learning – When they are doing art, they are not just doing art. They are exploring communication, math, lifeskills and more
  • Project Driven – Set a goal and outcome for their learning even as we start. Gives focus, ownership and a sense of accomplishment as they complete them
  • Self Directed – The role of the facilitator is to provide a variety of stimuli for the child to engage with. From there, the child takes the learning to where they want 
  • Theme based – Enables children to build a multi-perspective approach to anything they learn about. Though integrated learning is a core feature, thematic learning builds connections, that is unlikely to happen otherwise

For those who are curious about the openness of this approach, we promise you this:

By the end of 1 year of this program, Cilre assures that the child will be above or on par with peers of their respective grade level, in the subject areas that the child chooses to explore as part of our program. Moreover, the integrated learning approach, which ensures that the child is able to connect different concepts from across subject areas and use them in day to day life as well

Life @ Cilre

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