Money Matters


Developing an understanding of money is a key life skill that needs to be instilled in children from a young age. Children will learn about how money came to be, the value of money, and how to manage money. Children will experience these through activities, roleplay, and games. This will help children develop an insight into how to value money and what role it plays in our lives.

The course covers the following topics

1 – Barter Systems and the Birth of MoneyHow did humans get things before money was there? One simple way was the barter system. I give you rice and you give me milk! Perfect!
In this session, children will explore how money came into being by going back in time and learning about the barter system through some interesting discussions and games. They will then explore why the need for a currency came into being and how it evolved over time.
1. Explore and learn about the barter system of currency
2. Trace and understand the history of currency
2 – CurrencyIn this session, children will explore the characteristics of different currencies and travel around the world through interesting activities to learn about global currencies. They will also think a little bit about how different objects are attached to a certain value in order to become a currency.1. Identify the parts and characteristics of a currency note
2. Acquaint oneself with global currencies
3 – Value of MoneyTaking the discussion forward from the previous session, the children will explore how the value of a given currency is determined through a fun simulation exercise. They will then put this understanding to use by planning to create a shopping list of their own.1. Understand the intrinsic value of money via simulation-based roleplays
2. Plan for their own craft bazaar
4- MarketsIn this session, children will explore what a market is and orient themselves with some market vocabulary as well. They will use this information to learn about the different types of markets and further work on planning their very own craft bazaar.1. Explore and learn about the world of markets
2. Prepare for their craft bazaar
5 – BudgetsIn this session, children will engage in activities to understand what savings are, why they are useful, and how one can plan for several things using these savings. They will also get a chance to present whatever they have understood and done some mock budgeting as well.1. Understand the need and benefits of saving
2. Plan and make their own budget

New Batches Starting: Jan 2021

Flexi Class Available. Book and we will reach to schedule a class at a convenient time

Total Duration: 2 Modules each 8 hrs long

*Fee mentioned is for a single module only


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