Age 3-6 Years

Interaction is one of the first things a child learns and we help cultivate it. Explore a host of programs that will help your child become more aware.

Life skills Essentials, Selfie, 21st century skills, Interact

Age 7-10 Years

Are you able to tell what you want ,in the way that you want, for people to understand, exactly what you want them to? NO? Then there could be many  SLIPS & BLIPS, between the  thoughts in your brain  and the talk on your lips that could eclipse your chances and trip you before you reach your target.  
Speakers Club and a host of others to hone your skills.

Advocate, Atlas, Dig It, Freesbe, Hi! Story, Inside Job, Lifeskills
essentials, Marbles, Speakers Club, Travel Bug, Utopia, 21st Century Skills, Cook-o-graphy

Age 11-14 Years

“Brash, Irrational, Irresponsible teenager”, is it really so? Maybe we need to just hear their point of view Teen Talks is just one of the many in this category. Explore to find the one that you need most:

Life skills Essentials, Speakers Club, Money Matters, Teen Talks, United Nations

Age 14+ Years

Art & Literary experiences aim to inspire children to create. The programs included here are:

Speakers Club, Soft Skill Development Club

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