Age 3-6 Years

At this age, you will be surprised but the child has a strong mind of his own and explores at his own pace in a manner that she/he feels most comfortable. We let them be and by interwinding books, drama and story-telling, make the process of learning more fun and exciting for them.
Here are a list of programs you can explore:

Art Club, Booklings, Epic, Fairires & Superheroes, Impact Jr., Performance Story-telling, Polar Express, Process Art, Rangoli, Rainbow, Story-telling Club, Theatre Club, Story craft, Masks

Age 7-10 Years

Its not just about inculcating a habit to read. We strive to make the child fall in love with the idea of reading. Creativity can be best nurtured at this age.
Explore the list of programs to nurture his talents:

Artfolio, Booklings, Charlotte’s Web, Free writer, Impact, Jiffy, Performance Story-telling, Theatre Club, Storytelling club, Toy Story

Age 11-14 Years

Creativity knows no limits and needs the right avenue to unleash. Surf through the list of programs to explore your interest:

Masterpiece, Copycat, Theatre Club, Playstation, Headlines,
Yours Musically

Age 14+ Years

You have a myriad of stories but don’t know how to tell, you strive to unlearn but fail to understand how….
Here are a host of programs that can help you do just that:

Theatre Club, Business Story-telling

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