Age 3-6 Years

Is this for real? Do children of this age understand these terms? They might not know the terms but they still use the concepts at play.
We allow them to experience the world of numbers and science through a myriad of games.
Here’s and list you can explore to know how:

Blue World, Brick by Brick, Grasshopper, Greenhouse, Logica,
Science & Tech Club, Space Trek, Rock paper science, Photo Party

Age 7-10 Years

Is it the magic of science or the science of magic? You might wonder. Take a peek through Harry Potter’s glasses! You are about to explore the science behind the exciting magic that keeps exploding around Harry Potter.
Explore many more such exciting programs:

Alchemy, Bodyworks, Bugslife, Dash-n-Dots, ET, Green galata, Merry-go-round, Photo-party, Plant Connections, Potterology, Programming Club, Pykids, Pyramid, Road-runners, Science & Tech Club, Walkie Talkie, YoYo, Bingo

Age 11-14 Years

Scared of numbers? Love numbers? It really doesn’t matter because we can transform your negatives into positives
Explore the ones you most detest, and we promise to make you fall in love with it.

Alchemy, Brainology, Paper Engineering, Rainforests, Programming Club, Science & Tech Club, Tear it Down, Fire-Flies, Gross Animals, Construct

Age 14+ Years

In this age of technology its difficult if you cant keep pace.
Here’s a list to keep you abreast with the changing trends in technology

Programming Club

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