Founded in 2013, Cilre was born out of a desire to make learning relevant, available and fun.

We believe that when we build a safe and healthy environment, especially for children to experiment with their ideas, we can open up a new world of opportunities for them.
Through an exploratory and collaborative approach, Cilre conceptualizes and designs learning programs which help individuals unlearn, unleash and unlimit.

The CILRE touch to learning

Knowledge + Skills + Attitude = LEARNING

At Cilre, we look at it the other way round
Attitude + Skills + Knowledge = LEARNING

Our experience through our programs re-enforces our belief that once the right mindset is built and a set of right tools are provided for a learner, they are SELF MOTIVATED to keep learning for the rest of their lives. In today’s world where knowledge is so widely accessible, ATTITUDE is the key component that makes all the DIFFERENCE!


We love working with freelancers for facilitation, community managers and content developers. If you love flexibility and looking for interesting and challenging work, you’re in the right place

As part of our ‘The Giving Tree’ Program we work with a lot of Government and Low income Private Schools in Bangalore. Volunteers are always the need of the hour to enable us to work with more children

Interns bring in a lot of energy and new ideas to them team. They get to learn a lot in working with senior members in learning team, marketing, administration. Most suited for college students

We have a very close knit team of strong individuals who bring it all together and make it happen. Leaders with a ‘Make it Happen’  Mindset passionate about the future of learning are always welcome at Cilre

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