Almost 30 crores are currently learning in Schools and Colleges in India. This is the future potential not just for Indian but for the world. The changing situation in schools and colleges due to the COVID-19, implementation of NEP, emerging technologies and their adoption in education are all changing the landscape of learning rapidly in India at all levels. Splendor would explore some of the myriad questions that are running across all our minds 

About Splendor

Cilre Splendor 2021 – A Virtual Inclusive International conference on the future of education, brings together exceptional educators, researchers, and enthusiasts and empowers synergetic collaborations to increase reach, impact, and implementation of creative breakthrough ideas. In this conference, you will meet award-winning delegates working on the National Education Policy 2020, Curriculum design, Assessments, learning frameworks, interesting and offbeat careers, activists, published authors, school leaders, teachers, and students! This is a unique opportunity to understand perspectives, brainstorm solutions to challenging problems in your area of work, initiate collaborations and future engagements, and define the future of education in Cilre Splendor 2021! This conference is just a start to the many possibilities and Cilre will facilitate multiple meetings and discussions with focused groups to continue the ideations and collaborations evolved from this conference! Make sure to be a part of these conversations and take your learnings forward and create an impact. Cilre is looking forward to supporting you in your journey!

About Cilre

Cilre is an educational organization with a mission to make education available, engaging and relevant. Some of our key initiatives are

  • Short & Long term experiential learning programs on a variety of disciplines like Art, Literature & Theatre, STEM, Social Awareness
  • The Giving Tree, a non-profit initiative that focuses on language learning for children at Government and Low-income private schools and is in the process to extend this to orphanages and children’s homes
  • Unschool is an online alternate school that promotes child-driven learning
  • Project Eklavya Curriculum and Facilitation, part of Artpark which is a government-funded project to promote self-learning using technology

About Our Sponsors and Partners

Thanks to our main sponsors: Ephicacy, a Biostatistics and Statistical Programming service provider and Blue Bells Schools for Integrated Learning, an initiative of The Blue Bells Group of Schools, a premier school education provider in Gurugram.

Shout out to MVJ Group of Institutions for sponsoring and partnering with us and Lluvia Bakery for the Goodies!

Thanks to our partners Jyoti Nivas Autonomous college for supporting us in many ways, Brightside Foundation and Ondede.

Special Mention to all our supporters – Yugi Sethu, Hari Iyer, Vasu, Damodaran Rajalingam, Arun Padmanabhan

And ofcourse, families of the Cilre Team for supporting us.



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Higher Ed Learners

Ed-Tech Industry



K-12 Students

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