Cilre is an educational organization with a mission to make education available, engaging and relevant. Some of our key initiatives are

  1. Short & Long term experiential learning programs on a variety of disciplines like Art, Literature & Theatre, STEM, Social Awareness
  2. The Giving Tree, a non-profit initiative that focuses on language learning for children at Government and Low-income private schools and is in the process to extend this to orphanages and children’s homes
    Unschool is an online alternate school that promotes child-driven learning
  3. Project Eklavya Curriculum and Facilitation, part of Artpark which is a government-funded project to promote self-learning using technology

Learning Journeys

Artificial Intelligence Harry Potter Archaeology Emotional Awareness Astronomy

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Learn the 21st Century Way

Take this first step into the journey of discovery which is the beginning of the child’s transformation into agents of change and contributing adult. In line with latest NEP 2020, summer 2022 @ Cilre provides experiential learning in a variety of dimensions.

learning journeys

Learning journeys are connected experiences that help our learners progress through a continuum of competencies from being a beginner to being proficient over their K-12 learning years. Choosing a right set of experiences at different points in time can be crucial to building the right skill set



For Ages 5-7 the foundation level is flexible, interdisciplinary, play, activity and inquiry-based learning focused include logical thinking, problem-solving, drawing, craft, drama and puppetry, music and movement. It also includes a focus on developing social capacities, sensitivity, teamwork, and cooperation.
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For Ages 8-10 the preparatory level is about encouraging and enthusing learners with individualized learning. With increased focus on articulate expression, mathematical and scientific thinking with play, activities and inquiry being modes of learning while developing growth mindsets, collaboration, culture and values
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For Ages 11-14 the learners in the middle level are ready to take on abstract concepts in areas of their interest. With Hands on experiences and interdisciplinary explorations are the main pedagogy, learners start working on deeper ideas, complex projects, building their identify and leadership skills
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For Ages 14 and above this level focuses on helping learners go deeper into ideas, themselves and their aspirations. Choice and Flexibility play a considerable role in choosing courses. Learning through solving real world relevant projects they also develop empathy, interpersonal and organizational skills
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India's 1st Out Of School Program in line with NEP 2020

Take this first step into the journey of discovery which is the beginning of the childs transformation into agents of change and contributing adult. In line with latest NEP 2020, Our out of school learning programs Cilre provides experiential learning in a variety of dimensions.

develop 21st century skills

21st Century skills
Critical Thinking

critical thinking







Information, Technology and Media Literacy

information, media and technology literacy

Leadership and Social Skills

leadership and social skills



Benefit Comparison

Sample Profile and Report

Our reports are a window into understand what children have learnt. Our reports provide insights which helps parents and children understand their skills and help taking the learning forward. Here is a sample profile with report that Cilre will partner with your child and you to create and nurture during this program and beyond.​


Yes. It is completely online. At the moment there are no plans to have  these session as in person classes. However, each session includes activities that children can do away from the screen in order to provide a wholistic experience 

The classes are all live classes.  The recordings of the classes will also be made available in case your child misses a class

Yes. Each child can attend one session for free. If you want more than one session to make a decision before making a long term commitment, we recommend you ro choose the pico package

We are priced competitively with organisations offering similar programs.

Designing and delivering high quality sessions that are up to date with International Educational standards involves lot of research and expertise gained over the years. This expertise translates as the following benefits: 

  • Well trained Facilitators
  • Personalised Attention
  • Expert designed curriculum that aligns with the Progressive NEP 2020
  • Child-centric approach
  • A methodology that helps children take ownership of their learning
  • A safe space for children to experiment,  leverage their strengths  and embrace any areas of improvement
  • Work collaboratively with their peers and facilitators

At Cilre, we believe in addition to child and parent, facilitators are a key part of the ecosystem. They need to be well compensated for their efforts and expertise. Our facilitator compensation is sizably more than the other large Ed Techs. 

Hence a significant part of our fee goes towards compensating the facilitators.

Except the pico package, all other packages have 1 year validity. You can use them during the rest of the year for Dusserha programs, winter fest or for next year summer. In certain cases we may be able to provide holiday programs during other times as well. 

Yes. In fact, we encourage you to gift these experiences to friends and family! However we will need consent from the parent / legal guardian before they can start attending the classes

As a general practice we do not encourage this. So you will not be able to do this from our website. However, we understand there are special situations where this is required. You can get in touch with and we will work with you to provide the best option possible 

Cilre sessions are extremely personalised. If you have chosen a package other than Pico, you will have an onboarding session during which you can share all your concerns including language fluency. 

Our facilitators will be made aware and are trained to handle such situations. 

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A Virtual Personalised 21st Century Learning Experience for Children brings together various learning experiences that aim to develop 21st Century Competencies in Children.