Subha Parthasarathy

Subha Parthasarathy

Subha Parthasarathy has been working with children, parents, and adults for the past 14 years. She is a Counsellor with over 20,000 hours of counseling adults and children in 1-1 sessions. She is the founder of Magichive(www.magichive.in) and she believes that each one of us has the resources needed inside us. She works with individuals who are interested in understanding themselves in a deeper way. She is working with individuals having anxiety, relationship challenges, clarity in their thinking. Her work with children includes life skills and working with them by making them aware of their resources, giving them tools of emotional awareness, mindset, problem-solving, thinking out of the box, etc.

Subha is an experienced trainer and facilitator who delivers workshops and programs with a focus on enriching relationships with self and others. Her workshops “Chetana” and “Compassionate Communication (NVC)” are centered around increasing self-awareness and equipping participants with tools and insights that helps them to have an enriching life. She has a podcast where there are multiple audios on mindfulness which have over 1000 downloads

Person Centric Therapy, Mindfulness, and Non-Violent Communication form the cornerstones on which her work is based on. She is a vipassana meditator and attends the
10-day meditation retreats. She also explores and teaches mindfulness in more accessible ways apart from meditation.

Here is a list of her professional and personal skill development
Counselling Related Professional Development
International Graduate Diploma in Counselling from BanjaraAcademy, Bangalore
NLP Basic & Advanced courses conducted by Dr. Dick McHugh
Gestalt Therapy under Dr. Dick McHugh
Habits of the Mind certification offered by the learning center run by Art Costa / Bena Kallick
Transactional Analysis – TA101 certification
Cognitive Behavior Therapy from NIMHANS
Completed her M.A. Psychology

Child Development Related Professional Development
Train the Trainer from GenieKids Learning Center
Empowering Adolescents using Life Skills Education- NIMHANS
Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural Interventions – NIMHANS
Art/Play therapy
Movements Therapy

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