Frequently Asked Questions


We are using ZOOM for the conference. To get the Zoom link for the conference go to our Splendor 2021 Lobby or Splendor 2021 Agenda page and click Join Now

Lobby is another way to navigate various parts of the site. The lobby link is available in our navigation bar. Alternatively you can click Splendor 2021 Lobby

Please register to use our conference website. Most parts of the site require that you register for the conference. You can use social media or your email address to register. Please use  Splendor-2021 Registration Form and Splendor 2021 Login

If you have forgotten your password or the website isnt recognizing your password, please use the forgot password link in the   Splendor 2021 Login page. 

If you have any issues please reach out to us using the help section at the bottom right of all pages in the conference!

Absolutely! Cilre Splendor 2021 is an inclusive international conference and we encourage everyone to be respectful and courteous to each other. You can find our code of conduct in our top menu or you can click Splendor 2021 Code of Conduct

If anytime during the conference you need help, please click on the help chat icon on the bottom right of the page. We are available to help you anytime during the conference. Since we are based in India, we may not be able to answer questions 24×7, but rest assured we will provide you assistance at the earliest possible!


You can find the agenda in the menu bar under AGENDA. Alternatively you can click Splendor 2021 Agenda

On top of Agenda you will find calendar invite and direct link for the conference (available from Nov17-Nov 20)

The zoom link will be available from 8th of November, you will need to register with us to access the calendar invite with the zoom ink

Each Session is expected to be for 3 to 4 hours. Due to the fluid nature of the sessions, we can’t provide a specific time for each event. Do stay for the whole session since there are lot of interesting activities, engagements and interaction planned during the entire session

Absolutely! Though we would love to have you join us in person, we understand that it may not be possible for all our attendees to attend all parts of the conference. So, These sessions would be recorded and avilable on the website within 1 week of the conference completion. Please feel free to come back and check it out at your own pace. 


We have a conference lobby where you can communicate with all attendees in the conference. We dont support a 1-1 chat in this conference.  Please look for the discord bot at the bottom left corner of the screen. To see all attendees, please check the Splendor 2021 Users page. 

Absolutely! We have discussion rooms for six of the most prominent topic of this conference. If you want to start the conversation before the conference, please use our discord channel. During the conference, the live video call will be enabled. Both these links are available in our Splendor 2021 Conversations page. 

Please do facebook post/tweet during the conference. You can use the tags #splendor-2021 #futureofeducation. Our Splendor 2021 Social Wall will capture any of these tweets ! 

When you register with us, you will have an option to add email and social media links. This is completely optional and share only if you feel comfortable others contacting you using these links. Anytime you want to remove or add information check out the Splendor 2021 Account page!


Please exit and join again, If the issue persists, please use the helpdesk at the bottom-right corner of the page, and our IT team will get back to you ASAP 

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