Padma Shankar

25 years of teaching experience at secondary school and college undergraduate levels

Wide range of subjects taught (Economics, Business Studies, Entrepreneurship, Math, English, Geography) 

Experience teaching in multi-cultural environments. 

Volunteered with Balamandir Kamaraj Trust as the Member in Charge of Education

Volunteering with e-Vidyaloka as a teacher & content developer for their online teaching portal serving the rural Government schools in Tamil Nadu

Passionate about developing instruction materials with a learner centric approach.

Believe in providing learners with an environment that allows a sense of ownership and pride. 

Professional Experience

2013 -2015 Padma Seshadri Bala Bhawan, Nungambakkam

Taught Economics to higher secondary classes. 2007- 2013 American International School Chennai (AISCH) Chennai, India 

Taught Algebra, Geometry, Statistics at secondary school level

Developed original course material (Slide ware, worksheets) for Business Math course

Helped organize several field trips for the Business Math students

Involved in extra-curricular activities: math club, social service, camping and nature walks. 

2001 – 2007 Modern School – Barakhamba Road – New Delhi, India

Taught Economics to grades 9 and 11, English &Mathematics to grades 6,7,8,9.

Helped organize several exhibitions and fairs in school.

Instrumental in setting up the Math Lab. in school with Ramanujam Math Lab. Kits. 

1995 – 2000 worked with a Kumon Center in Durban, South Africa

Kumon Math is a concept developed in Japan. This is a worksheet – based, self-learning programme The learner progresses from Counting to Calculus.

Provided personalized tutoring to students with specific difficulties

Worked with students of all ages 

Unique about me 

I am a sports enthusiast and believe in Fitness First. 

Swimming, Walking & Yoga are my fitness friends.

Participate in the PINKATHON whenever they are in Chennai.

I am a foodie and enjoy savouring & cooking variety of dishes Indian & Continental. Fond of baking too.

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