Jatinder Mohan

Jatinder Mohan

My journey with teaching and training started when as a 19-year-old, I was called to share with a bunch of college professors, my impressions of their teaching. It was liberating to tell them why we students found it tedious to sit through their classes. It was a part of a Teacher’s Training Program.

So, when I started my journey as a trainer, I wowed to be different. I came across literature on “Outbound Training (OBT)” based on some articles that my friend sent me from the USA and fell in love with it. Those were written in the mid-1900s, much before the advent of the net as we know it today. Using that literature, I went about putting together an OBT of my own. It was based on what we understand today as “Experiential Learning.” The challenge was to develop exercises that could be done in the middle of the forest, using the available resources there.

I was among the very first people in India who took senior managers out into the jungles in Karnataka and did my first OBT. It was a great success and I did innumerable OBT’s with some of the largest MNC’s and Indian corporates. I also realized that the same could be done in classrooms as well. It simply required me to think “out of the box.” I did not want my students to tell me that they found my sessions tedious.

I hold some of my classes for students under the trees, using anything that is lying around. The examples are taken from everyday life and experiences, mine as well as of the students, to make learning exciting. We now refer to it as “Spontaneous Learning.”

Added to it, I found that stories from my experiences, both personal and professional, were a great source of learning. I put them in the form of “Parables” and used them. I also put them together in the form of a book and got them published. The book is now available on all online platforms and is called, “Come, walk with me.”

My philosophy as a teacher is a simple one – ‘teaching’ as well as ‘learning’ has to be exciting and fun.

I teach a variety of subjects using the same techniques if I may call them. Subject like:

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Personality Development
  • Teachers Training
  • Parents Training
  • Logistics
  • Environmental Science, and so much more…. 

I love to drive and trek. I have trekked extensively in the Western Ghats. Drank water directly from the perennial streams slept under awnings, had leeches sucking blood, got wet in the rain…

I have driven the entire length of our country over a 29- day period. I had the most exciting of conversation and food from the roadside “Dhabas” that can put the star hotels to shame. Found that people across our country are extremely hospitable and willing to open their homes even to strangers.

I can be followed on:


  • Jatinpeopleskills
  • Peopleskillsinc


  • Jatinder Mohan

E-mail : Jatin.peopleskills@gmail.com

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