Venkatraman R C

Host of the Podcast: College Matters. Alma Matters.
My mission is to make college information accessible to the 100s of millions of high school students worldwide. There are 80M high school students graduating every year and only a fraction go to college. I believe being informed about the opportunities that going to college would bring, would inspire them. To my way of thinking, storytelling is the best way to get that message across. So, at the start of the pandemic, I launched a podcast: College Matters. Alma Matters. As part of this
podcast, I pull together personal college stories from College Alumni. This helps the high schooler get a feel for what it’s like to be in a college, what & how you learn, feel these first-hand college experiences & how it can open up possibilities.
● Our podcast has been able to attract a number of stakeholders as guests, including alumni, faculty, educators, counselors & admissions officers;
● So far, we have published over 160 podcast episodes, Listened to them 30,000 times in over 80 countries;
● Featured Alumni & Faculty from over 40 US Colleges.

The podcasts are available on all popular locations including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify. Take our college stories for a spin.

Highlights from Prior Life
After working at HP and Apple, I founded technology companies and shepherded them through all the various stages of development. He has built and led high-powered teams to develop and deliver products to the market. One of them, PostX, a secure email company was acquired by Cisco. The product had 6000 corporate customers, over 10 million users who created Billions of secure email messages. Author of US Patents. I graduated with a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Madras and a Master’s in Computer Science from Iowa State University, Ames Iowa.

Personal – PenStruck
Since an early age, I have had this fetish for pens and other writing implements. Different colors, styles, point size, casings, the entire gamut.
When I see a pen, I have this immediate urge to test it out on any piece of paper I can find. My test almost always is to write out my initials and then reflect on the feel, and see how the output turned out on paper. I love doodling, writing longhand on legal sheets of paper, and enjoy writing some of the letters with a great flourish – especially “T” and “G” in cursive. It’s almost as if the creative flow from my brain rushes down my neck and through my arms, hands, and fingers and turns into words and phrases when it hits this magical pen I am writing with. The ultimate manifestation of thoughts and ideas. And I need a huge array of pens of every stripe, to document it. And it is never too many! Recently a friend returned from a trip bearing gifts for me. Pens from all the hotels he stayed in. A True Friend, I might add.

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