Programme Glossary

Social Awareness [7-10 Years]

21st Century Skills

21st century skills comprise skills, abilities, and learning dispositions that have been identified as being required for success in 21st century society and workplaces. This century has been changing and growing faster the ever before. This is part of a growing international movement focusing on the skills required for students to master in preparation for success in a rapidly changing, digital society. Children work on global collaborations, relook at communication, critical thinking, problem solving and critical thinking in the context of technology.


When you leave home, how do you know which way to go to reach school? Go straight, take the 3rd right and 2nd left after that and you’ll reach the park. Everyday we use directions and maps to reach our favorite destinations. Understanding maps, directions and using them for navigation is a crucial skill that children need to develop. Atlas workshop introduces them to maps, map making and how they are used in navigation. With a little bit of history, some games and activities children will explore the fascinating field of cartography. While children will make maps, learn navigation objects like a Compass, the key takeaways include developing Confidence in using Spatial skills: Shift from ‘I don’t know or can’t apply spatial skills’ to ‘I can use spatial skills in mapping and navigation’ Open and positive mindset: Shift from ‘maps is only for geography class’ to ‘Maps are fun, informative and useful’ Context of what they are learning: Sense of direction and using offline maps or GPS based maps are key skills, How these maps are made and how they are helpful to us. Curiosity & inquisitiveness: Look around the everyday things and think of them in terms of their spatial relationships. Think about the possibilities they create due to those relationships and possibilities in navigation Cilre focuses on empowering children to learn through these experiences. An introductory workshop such as this helps instigating these traits. Like any habit, they need to be practiced regularly to make it last. Age: 6-10


Children will explore how geography, climate, lifestyle and cooking has affected each other. They will get a chance to make their own dishes. They will be able to appreciate how certain styles of cooking have evolved across the world irrespective of the geographic differences. This will help them gain a different insight into cooking and geography. Age: 7-10

Dig It!

Dig it is an archaeology themed workshop for 6-10 year-old children. Children will perform excavations, find shards of evidences, piece them together to recreate old artifacts. With the artifacts collected children will recreate scenes from those periods, create art and food from that period. Activities:

  • Simulated Excavation activity
  • Puzzles and Riddles
  • Recreating artifacts from pieces
  • Use tools that archaeologists use
  • Cook a meal like the ancient times
  • Deduce the story behind the evidence
  • Make your own dig site 

Freesbe-Political Awareness

Freesbe-Political Awareness is a session about creating an interest towards how influences work. Politics is the study of influences. From the beginning of civilization, we have been influenced by people at our homes, community and the government. This session will let children explore the ideas of politics and governance through stories. Stories of influences in different settings helps children relate to such complex ideas. Children will learn about how politics relates to them in their day to day life


Hi!-Story is a Series on the History of Karnataka for 6-8 year old children. These sessions uses Games including Mazes, Puzzles, Role Plays and Board Games to inspire Historical Thinking in Children. Children will get a chance to understand the History of Bangalore and Karnataka from the Ganges to Hoysalans to today’s Bangalore.

Inside Job

Inside Job is a workshop aimed at providing an insight into how some common and some uncommon professions work. Children get a chance to experience one day in a life of these professionals through simulated activities. They also get to understand the tools they use and the skills they need. This will give children to identify with their interests across various professions. Age: 6-10

Lifeskills Essentials

Personality enrichment programs aim to initiate a thought process among our children that will make them productive, active, aware and helpful members of society and the world. It promotes leadership by enabling children to lead by example. Lifeskills are defined as the ability to have adaptive and positive behaviour. It is essential to enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. There are Innumerable lifeskills. The list of lifeskill that we focus is chosen as per the UNICEF guidelines. Some such lifeskills are Confidence Self Awareness Creative Thinking Collaboration & Teamwork Leadership


A workshop on traditional games around the world. Children will play and make traditional games from around the world. This will provide children an insight into the culture and crafts around the world.
Activities: 1. Games From India: Playing and making 2. Games from Europe, Africa and China: Playing and making
3. Design your own game 4. Traditional Art forms 5. Host a game tournament among themselves Age: 7-12

Speakers’ Club

Speakers Club is a place for children above 8 years to explore and learn about speaking. Speaking to a group in an organised or impromptu setting is a key skill for children to have. From preparing the speech to using voice and body to convey their point in a persuasive way, speakers’ Club will help children develop their own style in voicing their thoughts

Travel Bug

Travel Bug is a workshop that aims to provide an exposure of different parts of the world through simulated experiences. Children will make models, speak in their languages, play games, do crafts, perform role plays that provides them with an understanding of various countries around the world. This edition if Travel Bug will cover Australia, Egypt, Italy, Hawaii and China


Moving towards a compassionate society, is a session for children above 8 years. Children will explore ways to relate to their world with compassion. They get a chance to look at their community with a different perspective and identify any changes that they can bring in themselves. This will provide them an opportunity to understand the social issues relevant to them. Children will explore these through games and activities.

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