Programme Glossary

Social Awareness [11-14 Years]

Lifeskills Essentials

Personality enrichment programs aim to initiate a thought process among our children that will make them productive, active, aware and helpful members of society and the world. It promotes leadership by enabling children to lead by example. Lifeskills are defined as the ability to have adaptive and positive behaviour. It is essential to enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. There are Innumerable lifeskills. The list of lifeskill that we focus is chosen as per the UNICEF guidelines. Some such lifeskills are Confidence Self Awareness Creative Thinking Collaboration & Teamwork Leadership

Money Matters

Money Matters is a financial literacy workshop for children above 8 years. Developing an understanding of money is a key lifeskill that needs to be instilled in children from a young age. Children will learn about how money came to be, value of money and how to manage money. Children will experience these through activities, roleplays and games. This will help children develop an insight into how to value money and what role it plays in our lives.

Speakers’ Club

Speakers Club is a place for children above 8 years to explore and learn about speaking. Speaking to a group in an organised or impromptu setting is a key skill for children to have. From preparing the speech to using voice and body to convey their point in a persuasive way, speakers’ Club will help children develop their own style in voicing their thoughts

Teen Talks

With adolescence setting in and career fears looming ahead, the teenagers in our community are in a critical position. Pressures from all directions, it is imperative that we provide a space for them to sit back, relax and think about what is important to them. It is with this in mind we have launched our latest initiative Teen Talks!
Teen Talks: Unconferences for the teens are a series of meetups organized for the teens to engage in open dialogue about topics related to them: School, Career, Self Identity, Relationships, Emotions, Ethics and more. They will get an opportunity to meet a variety of adults to widen their horizons. This will also serve as a platform where they can talk about the issues of the current society, identify any concerns, brainstorm on solutions and work on the same

United Nations

As young adults, it is this time children start exploring ideas of government. This workshops dives deep into the idea of government – its roles, the various forms they take across the world. They will find out about these systems through role plays, simulated activities and connecting with current situations

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