Sandhya Gatti

Sandhya has been journeying the teacher education space for over three decades. She holds a  Bachelor’s in Education and a Masters’ in Social Work, and true to her belief in lifelong learning, she  pursues several courses to strengthen her understanding of education and life. She holds two  International Baccalaureate Certificates in IB Philosophy & Planning, Teaching and Assessment. She is  a Certified Programme Leader for the Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching and Learning and  Educational Leadership (Cambridge, U.K). She is currently a Ph.D scholar with the Martin Luther  University, Meghalaya.  

She has designed, implemented, and taught international teacher education programmes for several  years. She holds a Globally Standardized Certificate in Master Training and Facilitation from Bodhih  Training Solutions, Delhi. She is certified by Centre of Assessment, Evaluation & Research as a trainer  for Assessments, Differentiated Instruction and CBSE’s Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE).  She holds the Master Trainer Certificate for the Intel Teach to the Future Programme. and the  Coordinators’ Training Certificate from the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network, MIT, Boston, U.S.A. 

Having started her career as a teacher of Social Sciences and English in primary to high school levels for fifteen years, she has been actively involved in Teacher Education (International Courses),  designing, and facilitating modules in creative classroom practices, across India. Besidesthese, she has  written articles for several magazines, including ACER (Australia) and Teacher Plus. She has also co authored a book on Teaching English Speaking Skills, published by the Cambridge University Press.  Trained in the Whole School Quality Circle Time Model (U.K.), she headed an experimental, research based project that looked at transforming the transactional and didactic culture of interaction in Indian  schools. 

Earlier, as Coordinator of Programmes at an NGO, she designed educational projects incorporating  emerging technology and the creative facets of art, music and theatre forschool children and teachers.  She is a resource person and content developer for Cambridge University Press, Oxford University  Press and Pearson. She has been elemental in setting up teacher professional development  departments in reputed schools in Bangalore. In partnership with IPE Global, she led a large-scale  project involving training of approx. 4000 government school heads and teachers Meghalaya. Besides  these, she is on the advisory boards of severalschools in Bangalore and is visiting faculty for Bachelor’s  and Master’s programme at the School of Education, Christ University, Bangalore. She is regularly  invited as a speakerin conferences and seminars. Currently, she leads the Curriculum, Pedagogy and  Professional Development for a new progressive school based in Bangalore. 

A deep reader and Zen practitioner, Sandhya lives unconventionally, loves challenging status quo, and  designs all her training programmes with the aim of generating transformative interaction among  participating educators. It is with this unconventional outlook and approach, that she founded the  unique initiative ‘Teacher Ink’ with the sole purpose of empowering teachers to take charge of their  own professional and personal growth, and to challenge them to think like reflective academicians  and researchers. Sandhya’s penultimate vision is to have happy, highly effective teachers, and self directed, happy learners, in all Indian schools. 

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