Razi Abbas

Razi Abbas

Razi Abbas started his entrepreneurial journey at the ripe age of 16 with his first venture, Redmist India Inc. 

Backed by his academic qualification, having completed his MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Loughborough University, London, his passion for innovation also extends to his years of participation in the startup ecosystem in various capacities. 

Augmenting this drive, he has been working on research-driven initiatives towards plugging the gaps in the early-stage startup ecosystem. Through his previous venture, First Main, he worked with various startups, entrepreneurs, institutions and 

individuals to test the frameworks of micro incubation. 

His vision is to enable communities to be empowered through entrepreneurship, micro-incubators being the solution of the same. 

Razi has an immense passion for community building and social re-engineering, answering the call of humanity as and when necessary. He was instrumental in devising multiple solutions for covid management in the city of Bangalore. Through a collective team effort, he constituted ‘Community Covid Task Force’ under Laureate Foundation through which he bagged the role of the Operations Head of Labournet Healthcare. 

As a part of Labournet Healthcare, he designed and implemented frameworks for effective covid management. 

His work was then supported by the Azim Premji Foundation during the first wave and second wave of Covid between July 2020 and June 2021. These efforts helped numerous patients and became the foundation of a whole new division for Labournet. 

Upon moving out of Labournet, Razi re-established The Union – a youth aggregator platform and opened up all his learnings about covid management during the month of April 2021. This call to support the city saw over 1100 applications and 700+ active members working day and night to support the community we live in. The collective impact of The Union stands at over 35,000 patients today who have been supported as a part of an integrated effort. 

Razi’s approach to any social venture is extremely similar to his entrepreneurial approach, which forms the foundation of his magnanimous skill set. He possesses the zeal to identify gaps existing in ecosystems and create platforms to bridge those gaps in the most effective way. This vision is being explored through micro-incubators set up in prestigious universities, where Razi grooms a pool of promising entrepreneurs with innovative ideas that target the gaps identified. 

Over the years, Razi Abbas has gathered experience working as a startup consultant, helping various entrepreneurs take a step closer to their dreams. He excels in understanding the Ideation to Execution journey of any start-up and aims to provide the right resources for the right innovations through his new venture, 22 Briks. 

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