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DescriptionLearning Outcomes
Visibility / InvisibilityPotterology set out to explore the science behind Magic.
Helping us along in this science trail were Harry Potter and the order of Phoenix and of course the dark side of the dark lord too.
We start off with unravelling one of the most mystical, yet endearing pieces of the Potter fans – the invisibility cloak. In this session, we try to shed light on the power of light and the basic science behind invisibility – cheating light. The day includes a role-play, some cool magic of making things invisible and going behind the scenes to understand light
– Discover the superpowers of Light such as bending, curing, burning, splitting and so on
-Explore what it would take to prevent light from making an object visible
-Understand the concept behind basic 3D anaglyphs
Bubbles and brewsFrom the unseen to the seen, the day two whizzes and fizzes, literally. And in addition, it was most satisfying to the taste buds too. Severus Snape’s lessons on potions are filled with colourful, bubbly and tasty activities with the crowning glory being the yummy butterbeer. The aim is to arouse curiosity- Is the magic of potions nothing but the elements of chemistry? The session wades through reactions, acids and bases unravelling magic on the way.– Question and explore how different materials can mix to create a new substance, such as a potion
– Model the basic unit of any chemical reaction, the atom
-Observe reversible and irreversible reactions and contrast them
-Understand acids and bases through an analogy from Harry Potter
Regeneration and TransformationAfter straying to the external concepts of light and chemicals, we want to look inwards at the mysteries of our own human bodies. What is the magic of growth? What does it take to transform into someone else like Harry, Ron and Hermoine did? We look at the sorting hat of the human body, namely the DNA and make a sorting hat with paper with a simple and random sorting mechanism. At the end of the session, the children will feel our human body is as good a wizard like Albus Dumbledore himself.– Discover the common basic step in all growth, cell division
– Explore the different parts of the body that need to change for growth and regeneration
-Explore what changes would be required for one person to change or transform into another
– Delve into how the genes control the physical appearanceappearence and personality
MemoryWhile there was no doubt that Potterology will be a memorable session, we want to add the memory into the Pensieve for a long time. The fourth day of the camp will involve the exploration into the folds and valleys of our brain, trying to understand the making of memory in our own magical Pensieve, the Brain. As we capture the memory of the session in a memory web, we drop it into the Pensieve , we can see the wands of questions and curiosities sparkling in the young minds– Discover how memories are formed
– Understand the role of the 5 senses in creating a memory
– Explore and Create a memory using inputs from the 5 senses
-Learn about the different types of memory( short term, long term and working)
– Explore some memory retention techniques


The science of Harry Potter! Is the magic in Harry Potter really possible? This workshop explores the magical ideas of invisibility, transformation, human flight, magical potions, and perceives from a scientific perspective. Children will brainstorm, experiment, and conceptualize how they can be a reality.


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