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HTML/CSS is the building block of all websites. Children take a deep dive into how websites are built using these tools, explore building websites of their own.

They will learn about other related tools available for building websites

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Sub ModuleDescriptionLearning OutcomesProjectsChild investigations
Section – 1
Getting StartedHTML is the basic building block of websites. They tell the browsers how to display content. We explore the basic structure of the HTML, write HTML code and view them1. Get Familiar with the different aspects of HTML and the tool
2. Create an Account – Know to save, view, edit, share the projects
3. Setup a Blog site
1.Book/Movie/Character Fan Page1. What are some Websites I use and Like
2. Why do we need HTML if we can websites using blogs
Basics of HTML – Deep DiveChildren explore the key tags and attributes. They will learn how to use links, formatting, media, and forms.1. Get Familiar with HTML Tags and Attributes
2. Able to create an HTML based form
1. Survey Form1. Where have I used forms on the website?
2. How does the information go from the form and used somewhere else?
Intro to CSSCSS is what changes the way the website looks. Children will explore the key CSS attributes and the features that will help them change the look and feel of a website1. Understand the basics of CSS
2. Understanding div, span, id tags and How it works with CSS
1. Create 2 versions of the same website using CSS1. How is HTML different from other programming languages I know
2. What all can I change in the way the page looks using CSS
Working with Bootstrap CSSBootstrap is a simple to use a CSS framework. Children will use it to build simple websites using the Bootstrap1. What is a responsive website
2. Get familiar with key bootstrap elements
1. Personal Portfolio
2. Website for a cause
1. What can I make a website for?

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