Dinosaurs are things that children love. They are big, exciting, with a variety of different features and sometimes magical. In this workshop, children will explore the world of dinosaurs. They will learn about paleontologists, fossils, types of dinosaurs, how they became extinct, and even exercise some imagination making up some of their own dinosaurs
Dinosaur: The ReptileDinosaurs are exciting for children. In this topic, children will explore dinosaurs as reptiles. They will learn about the characteristics of reptiles and why dinosaurs are reptiles– Explore key physical features of Dinosaurs and reptile
-Explore their Origins and their existence
FossilsThis topic explores, who studies dinosaurs and how they do that.-Know what fossils are
– Explore how fossils help us in learning about the past
Types of dinosaursTriceratops, Bronchosaurus, velociraptor – Children learn about some types of dinosaurs, learn to spell them too.– Learn about the types of dinosaurs
– Explore the features of various dinosaurs
– Learn how they are named

Flexi Class Available

Total Duration: h 5 hrs long

*Fee mentioned is for a single module only


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