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Our Body is like a mystery puzzle. They are so many tiny pieces, each one doing a seemingly unimportant task – But when put together they form this miracle of a human body. This workshop explores our body the same way – through puzzles, riddles & mysteries. This is a fun and exciting way to learn and understand the pieces that make us

Sub ModulesDescriptionLearning OutcomesProjectsChild investigations
What we BreatheOn this day children explore the Respiratory System. They explore their respiratory parts, their roles through fun activities1. Know the parts of the respiratory systems
2. Describe the respiratory process
1. Make a Lung Model
2. Respiratory Role Play
1. How much is my lung capacity?
2. What will happen if our body does not have some of the parts that are in our respiratory system
Can’t Digest itOn this day children explore the Digestive System. They explore their Digestive parts, their roles through fun activities1. Know the parts of the Digestive systems
2. Describe the Digestion process
1. Digestive Juices Experiment
2. Digestive system model
1. What could be reasons for indigestion
A ton of SkeletonOn this day children explore the Skeletal System. They explore their Skelat System, their roles through fun activities1. Know the key bones of the Skeletal system
2. Understanding XRays
1. Make a bone model
2. Make a skeletal system Model
1. What will happen if we don’t have bones
DefendersThe immune system plays the role of defending our body. Wounds and sickness, help us heal1.Explore what form the immune system
2. Understand how vaccinations work
1. Make a model of Blood
2. Make a SuperBug Model
What can I do to improve my immune system?
Exocrine and EndocrinesEnzymes and Hormones play a crucial role in making our body function the right way. This session will explore their role1. Describe the role of hormones and enzymes
2. Understand how hormonal regulation happens
1. Make an edible skin model
2. Endocrine System Role Play
What are some ways to manage emotions

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