Game Night


Welcome, lovely pirates!
Today’s treasure is made up of some items around you. You will be given cues, and you must search for the items based on these cues. But beware! Time is not your friend. You will only get 1 minute to find each item after the cue is given to you. Your goal is to collect the largest possible treasure by collecting as many items as you can, in the time limit that you are given. Snap a photo for each given cue. Sounds fun?
Well, ahoy mates! Let’s get started!

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1. Each participant will be given a scavenger hunt ticket before they start. This ticket must be printed out, or copied onto paper as it is.

2. The kids will receive selfie props that can be printed and cut out.

2. The ticket contains 20 cues with checkboxes, with allotted points beside each check box. The cues will be based on each week’s theme.

3. During the game, the facilitator will provide the cues one by one for each item. After each cue, the participant will have 1 minute to search for and collect that item.

4. The participants with 15 correct items or more will shout out “Selfie!”  holding their favorite selfie prop. 

The theme for this week’s scavenger hunt will be “Selfie”. So get ready to find that treasure!

PS: We believe in the fun and joy that is a part of this gaming process, not in labeling any winners or losers. Thus there are only GAMERS in our fun games!


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