Blue World


10 sessions

Blue world explores the wonders & beauty of the marine ecosystem. Marine life is exciting with its variety of fish, corals, nettles, sponges and more. With its so many shades of blue, its beauty is waiting to be explored by children. Children will learn about different marine habitats, lifeforms and how these animals & plants of the water support each other.


Topics and Activities

What is Marine life ?

Types of animals in the water

Make an aquarium

Show and tell on marine mammals

Why is water blue?

Listen to the Whale Call

Show and tell Kinds Of fish

Make a fish Puppet

About coral reef

Show and tell Water plants

Importance of marine life

Make an origami boat

The life cycle of a fish coloring

Discussion on Scuba diving and snorkeling

Make a beach shore

Pirate treasure hunt

Fun facts about sea animals and unusual animals

Endangered animals

How to Maintain a Home fish tank

New Batches Starting

22 Mar 2021

03 May 2021

Flexi class available on request


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