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Engineering is not all about building or computer programs. In this exciting workshop, children will take a dive into Game Engineering. Be it Hopscotch or the latest RPGs, Game design has basic principles that children will explore, learn about the types of games, and designing some of their own in the process.

Sub ModulesDescriptionLearning OutcomesProjectsChild investigations
Rock Paper What?Understand and modify the all-time favorite game in this day, to understand the basic game mechanics of common gamesKnow that we all play common games
Reflect on some of the games they play
Identify the parts of any game
1. Modify the classic Rock Paper Scissors Game to add a new element
2. Logic or Luck – Verbal Battle
What are some games that can be played with nothing?
What makes a game fun?
Board GamesBoard Games have been with humans for ages. From simple to complex they come in all shapes and sizes. We’ll explore some fun games and discover most board games have a story behind them. They create a board game of their own along with its storyKnow Board Games have been played for a long time
Know the common types of board games
1. Make a Board GameWhat playable elements are part of board games other than coins
We’re Online!Children and adults, most people are now playing games online. What is so special about them? What are the pitfalls if anyUnderstand online games can provide an experience that may not be possible in reality
Know the common types of online games
Make an online game with scratchWhat are common between online and offline games
Team upMore the merrier – Team games bring a social element in addition to fun. We explore team sports and other team games and how they workExplore Sportsman Spirit
Know Parts of a Team Game
Make a Team Game
Perform a Sport Commentary
What makes a game audience sport

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