Art Club


30 Sessions

Art is a medium of expression. It nurtures imagination, patience and precision. From basic fine motor skills to observing nuances in the real world, children will start developing skills necessary for an artist. They will notice and appreciate colour, texture, design, shapes in nature and manmade things. While this form the framework, they will also get a chance to play with a variety of media and subjects. This provides them the opportunity to explore and discover themselves.

Elements of Art
Exploring Colors
– Be aware of different colors, recognize and discern them.
– Confidently paint using different colors
– Understand what a dot is
– Explore and use dots to create an artifact
– Explore the different ways of drawing lines
– Understand how different lines when combined can be made to form different images
– Use/ manipulate lines to create something
– Make shapes using different tools – spray paint and newspaper
– Use shapes to represent real-world objects
Illustrative Art
– Understand and use proportion while creating art
– Observe and use the senses to reproduce things in the form of a drawing
– Observe and reproduce things in the form of a drawing by using a picture/ another drawing as a reference
– Learn and use origami art to make simple figures
Imaginative Art
– Apply creative thinking to create an object.
– Create art to represent a subject
-Represent an imaginative character or setting from a description
– Use collage as a medium to express their imagination
Art and Academics
– Use art to understand math
– Understand how rainbows are formed
Artist Study
– Understand and replicate techniques used by some artists, to create something of their own


Flexi class available on request



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