Animate with JS


10 Sessions

Coding is not boring, it can be exciting, fun, and creative. In this unique programming course, children will explore the p5js library in Javascript language. They will use javascript to create animations, children will learn to create animations and the basics of programming languages.

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Sub ModuleDescriptionLearning OutcomesProjectsChild investigations
IntroductionSetting up the tools, Getting started with simple drawings1. Simple commands to draw using Javascript
2. Tools to use for code using Javascript
1. Draw a cartoon character
2. Draw a Landscape
1. How is Javascript different from Scratch?
Intro to AnimationExplore the p5js library. Explore the difference between parts that move and that don’t and how to code them1. Creating and using variables in the animation context
2. Difference between the setup and draw functions
1. Animation of Sunrise
2. Animation of a night sky
1. How can I stop the animation?
InteractionsExplore how we can interact with the animations that we create1. Using Mouse interactions
2. Using and implementing Logic
1. An eraser tool
2. Game
1. How can I interact using the keyboard?

New Batches Starting

22 Mar 2021

10 May 2021

Flexi class available on request


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