Eszter Harsanyi

Eszter Harsanyi

CEO and Founder of NestingPlay, a social enterprise that annexed MagicMe under one of its five programs. Responsible for sales, business development, stakeholder
management. NestingPlay’s mission is to help each child benefit from the potentials of play. It is through play that children learn the most effectively, with joyful, engaging, and experiential play activities. The benefits of play to children’s social, emotional, creative, and cognitive development is essential for all learners, particularly the most vulnerable. We provide quality education services to all children, through guided sensory-based play activities so that children can develop skills and competencies that can help them succeed in school, complete primary education and transition to higher levels, and eventually transform into responsible
and productive citizens, open to diversity and peace.

CEO and Co-Founder of MagikMe, a social business fighting for the inclusion of disabled children and their families. We design inclusive playground equipment which can accommodate every child regardless of age or ability. Our mission is to start social integration as early as possible, even before kindergarten through interactive, inclusive play. Responsible for sales, stakeholder management, and business development.


First-hand expertise about inclusion: I have special knowledge based on my own son’s special needs. Practical knowledge: Most decision-makers use a theoretical approach and knowledge on the importance of inclusion, but they have limited practical understanding of disabled people’s needs. MagikMe comprises a group of psychologists, sociologists, teachers, HR professionals, moviemakers, and graphic designers who evangelize inclusive play. Our Pillango (Butterfly) can be used by even severely disabled and massively injured children who cannot sit, hold their heads, or are not able to use their hands skillfully and easily. Our solutions break multiple
boundaries, we develop the physical, cognitive and emotional abilities of a child. Deep knowledge about social innovation: I am an evangelist in my country, teaching social innovation, giving lectures, and practicing it.

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