Programme Glossary

Literature, Art, Theatre [3-6 Years]​

Art Club

Art is a medium of expression. It nurtures imagination, patience and precision. From basic fine motor skills to observing nuances in the real world, children will start developing skills necessary for an artist. They will notice and appreciate colour, texture, design, shapes in nature and manmade things. While this form the framework, they will also get a chance to play with a variety of media and subjects. This provides them the opportunity to explore and discover themselves. Age: 3-10 years


Booklings is more than a book club, it is a creative space for children above 6 years. Reading expands the minds, enriches the mind and spirit. Kids will be introduced to a wide range of books of different genres, styles and topics of interest. Reading such variety of books enriches their vocabulary. They will find the right words for the right situations. This will enhance their communication skills that will reflect in their ability to write and speak clearly and with confidence. They will enjoy the interaction with different cultures made possible due to their familiarity with languages. In the process they will attempt to understand the concept of language as a whole. This will aid in their attempts to learn other languages also.

• The book club will meet twice every week and discuss and review the book they
• have read.
• They will take a book home for reading over the week.
• They will be made to create a few things based on the book they read.
• They will enact, adapt & visualise the stories.
• They will be introduced to various genres of books and styles of writing


EPIC – story telling session will be an hour long session with stories and games in various themes. Children will be listening to stories of inspiration, magic, celebration & more. They will also be making a few crafts that go with the theme. This session is suitable for 3-8 year olds. Age: 3-8


Dollmations is a session on making puppets. Children will make finger puppets, sock puppets and hand puppets. This session will give children a chance to peek into world of crafting puppets. This will help children use puppets as a medium for expressing their creativity. This will also enable children to use puppets as a tool while communicating to an audience.


At Impact, We set a stage for the children to explore their self awareness and artistic skills,act out their imagination, fine tune their communication and social skills. Children will write screen play and dialogues, Perform Mimes, Mono acting, Dubbing, Design Makeup and Costume,Explore usage of Space usage, Stage design, Props making, Lighting and Sound Effects, Make Trailers, Ads, Publicity and Marketing, Learn about History, different forms of theater and world theater. All this while having frolicking fun. Juniors : 3-6 yrs, Seniors: 7-10 yrs


Masks is a session on emotional awareness and theater. In this session children will explore different kinds of emotions and how they can be depicted to an audience. In the process they will understand what changes happen in them when they experience these emotions. This understanding will increase their self awareness. This will help them in communicating those emotions clearly in a theatrical setting and also in the personal setting. During the session, children will participate in activities that include identifying emotions from videos, depicting emotions visually, role playing some emotionally charged situations. For 6-10 year olds.

Performance Storytelling

Performance Storytelling is visual and auditory experience. It is a form where the story is expressed through the performers body movements, facial expressions and voice. Unlike theater which is mostly a group effort, Storytelling is mostly done by a single person. This program will let children explore the use of voice, sounds, expressing thoughts and emotions through facial expressions and gestures and using these skills to convey a story in engaging and interesting ways. Age: 3-6

Polar Express

Polar Express is a winter camp for 5-10 year old children. Winter holidays are a time to re- energise through fun! This winter camp is focused on children using their creative energy through enchanting stories, crafts, stimulating activities, some singing, dancing and games.

Process Art

“What did you do?” is what we ask our children when they finish something rather than “How did you do?” Especially with Art, it is natural for us to focus on the final outcome than on the journey of exploration. However, for little artists, it is essential to explore a technique, tool or materials so they understand how to use it their own way. Process Art is a popular art exploration method across the world used to help children, explore these. In this 5 day workshop children will investigate
• Techniques like shading, stippling, imprinting
• Conventional and unconventional tools in art (Variety of pencils to tools like toothbrush)
• Multiple mediums and materials (Traditional paints, pastels, rocks and even their own body)
Age: 3-6


Who doesn’t love a rainbow? This is a unique workshop for children to explore the world of colours. From Fun color names, color mixing, processes like creating tints, hues and shades children will explore a lot about colours. Listening to stories of Colors, colors in nature, they will also explore colors as used in festivals across the world. Ages: 3-6


RangHoli is a Celebration of colours. Children will listen to story about the festival of colours. Children will then explore different aspects of colours. They will do a paper chromatography experiment to find out what colours are made of. They will then use colours to produce varying shades and experiment how these shades can be applied to produce different effects while painting. In the spirit of Holi children will paint their faces/hands to become a different person. Age: 3-7

Story Craft

Children are amazing storytellers as they are listeners. Story craft is an activity based workshop for 3-6 years, that help them in making up stories. Be it something about what happened with them or an imaginary story, story craft introduces simple tools that will help them structure the story and also make it more interesting.

Storytelling Club

Storytelling Club is place for children to listen stories, read books and tell stories. They will also visualise the stories through drawings, crafts and dramatise them. Its a fun place for children to explore themselves. Age: 3-6

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