Programme Glossary

Literature, Art, Theatre [11-14 Years]

Copy Cat

Ravi Varma, Van Gogh and so many more! There are so many Artists who have inspired and enchanted us through their artistic expressions. Copy Cat is a tribute to them where we study some of the popular works in Art in terms of the concepts, techniques and the presentation of them. With such motivation, children recreate some of them and also use the inspiration and create a work of Art by themselves. Age: 11-14


Headlines is a workshop on community journalism. Children will explore the roles of a journalist like gathering information, taking pictures, interviewing, writing articles, editing. As part of this workshop children will be making a local journal of the community. Age: 11+

Play Station

Street theater may be a simple art form, but the skills required are in no way simple. They are typically used as a form to communicate a message to a communicate but in a powerful way. In this workshop children will explore the skills needed specifically for street theater. They will also work on putting up some street performances

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