Art, Literature & Theatre

Its not just about inculcating a habit to read. We strive to make the child fall in love with the idea of reading. Creativity can be best nurtured
at this age.
Explore the list of programs to nurture his talents:

Artfolio, Booklings, Charlotte’s Web, Free writer, Impact, Jiffy, Performance Story-telling, Theatre Club, Storytelling club, Toy Story

STEM Learning

Is it the magic of science or the science of magic? You might wonder. Take a peek through Harry Potter’s glasses! You are about to explore the science behind the exciting magic that keeps exploding around Harry Potter.
Explore many more such exciting programs:

Alchemy, Bodyworks, Bugslife, Dash-n-Dots, ET, Green galata, Merry-go-round, Photo-party, Plant Connections, Potterology, Programming Club, Pykids, Pyramid, Road-runners, Science & Tech Club, Walkie Talkie, YoYo, Bingo

Social Awareness

Are you able to tell what you want ,in the way that you want, for people to understand, exactly what you want them to? 
NO? Then there could be many  SLIPS & BLIPS, between the  thoughts in your brain  and the talk on your lips that could eclipse your chances and trip you before you reach your target. Speakers Club and a host of others to hone your skills.

Advocate, Atlas, Dig It, Freesbe, Hi! Story, Inside Job, Lifeskills
essentials, Marbles, Speakers Club, Travel Bug, Utopia, 21st Century Skills, Cook-o-graphy

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