Vamsheepriya Amar

Vamsheepriya Amar

Vamsheepriya Amar, Principal of MVJ International School Bangalore, is an academician with 24 years of experience in the field of the education sector. As a motivator and a mentor. She has vast experience in teaching, as well as administration of reputed schools in Bengaluru. A Quick-Thinker, with a positive outlook, who prioritizes
the needs of the organization over personal goals. She believes that excellence is the prevailing positive attitude of a human being. Plan, Design, and Execute is her Motto. As a Resource Person for CBSE conducted training both offline and online through the Centre of Excellence. She has completed 450 Virtual pieces of training for CBSE Principals and teachers in the pandemic across the Nation and worldwide. In the past, she has trained teachers in project-based learning (P.B.L) which was piloted in Malaysia. She has bagged an award for innovative practices in the BAG WEIGHT program. Best practices in school Health management and innovative teaching methodologies have won her certificate of commitment.
❖ Abdul Kalam Excellence Education Award 2018
❖ Dr.Radhakrishna Career Excellence Award 2018
❖ Best Inspiring Educationist Award from Global Leaders Foundation 2018
❖ IARDO Excellence award 2018.
❖ Karnataka Education Awards 2018 and 2019.
❖ Rainbow school health Awards 2018.
❖ Parent Innovations Award for school 2019.
❖ Avantika par Excellence APJ Abdul Kalam Award 2019.
❖ IRSD Preeminent Education Award in 2020.
❖ InSc(Institute of Scholars) Best Principal Award in 2020.
She has been a part of a webchat organized by an open forum for Principals and contributed to Post Covid Situation in the Education Sector and participated in round table discussions at India Didactics Association.
A distinguished speaker during the Two-Day Virtual National Conference On “Strategies for Implementation of National Education Policy ( NEP) 2020 for Schools and Student Progression” Also, conducted NEP Webinar series to CBSE Schools through Centre of Excellence.
A member of AIP (All India Principals Association) and resource person at Global Leadership Foundation.

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