Sujani Raned

I’m Sujani Raned, part of management team at Mitra for lIfe, a non profit working towards empowering children & young adults with Autism & Special needs. I am an engineering graduate and have 10 plus years of work exp6 in the IT industry. Growing-up alongside a family member with disability, and experienced the challenges, lack of acceptance & empathy first-hand, I feel an urge to change the current support system for individuals with special needs. That need, to give back to the society, stands fulfilled when I joined Mitra for Life. 

By empowering children & young adults with special needs to be independent, we create opportunities to help them integrate better in a social set up and be included in the mainstream.  I firmly believe by raising awareness and bringing the community together, we can establish a kinder, more accepting and inclusive world. 

I enjoy singing, listening to music, love food & an avid trekker. In today’s digital world, I curate creative content and an acting enthusiast, with a best actress award in the UAE short film festival to my credit.

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