Sravanth Theverakonda Ramani

I am an Electrical Engineer graduate. Although, my passion towards art of mime was shaped during my  college days and after completing my graduation in May 2009, I Founded Mactrics- A Mime and Body  Theatre company in Chennai Tamil Nadu, as the Founder & Artistic Director.In the meanwhile, I joined the Indian Mime Academy, Hyderabad in June 2009 to get trained in the art of Mime Under the  Guru(Teacher) Arusam Madhusudan M.P.A ( Master in performing arts). From June 2009, I had been  studying mime and also working under him till January 2013 to specialize the mime art. During the  course of my learning, I have excelled in various techniques in Mime viz., Corporeal, Modern Theatre  Mime techniques, Body Movement Techniques and Natyashastra (Indian mime Form). I also had the  experience of performing and taking workshops for various groups and school students under the  guidance of my Guru (teacher). In 2013, I came back to Chennai to strengthen Mactrics- A Mime and  Body Theatre Company in Chennai Tamil Nadu. My responsibilities and duties were highly challenging, as the Founder & Artistic Director of the company. I provided creative content for its productions,  designed workshop modules and spearheaded the Business. 

Also I had the responsibility to form a strong core team of 60 mime professionals (Both full time and  part time) from various fields and age groups. Along with the team in past five years, I have done  more than 600 shows and have trained more than 5000 students and 1000 adults for various shows in  the field of Mime, Shadow Theatre and Pantomime. As an Educator and Theater artist, my vision is to make education easier through entertainment and also to spread and revive the art of mime, shadow  theatre, clown theatre and pantomime through the young minds. 


• Lead role as a Chaplin (Character named: Tramp) in The Hindu Metroplus Theatre festival  organised by the daily newspaper The Hindu, A tribute to Sir Charlie Chaplin in the year 2013. • Introduced International Mime Theatre Festival in the year 2014 for the first time in South  India and second edition in 2015.  

• I have written and directed a play named KoKo a pantomime (About Parenting) in the year  2017 staged many times in the southern part of India.



Maham – Nataka Nakshathra award in 2014 – Received from Mr. Y.G.Mahendran (Theatre  veteran) – For the best contribution in field of theatre – mime. 



Online course for Mime 

During this covid-19 situation, I had an opportunity to create an online mime course for 3days  workshop, 3 months, 1 year course and a 2 year course. Also took online classes for 80 Students from various parts of countries like India, UK, Singapore, USA, Dubai and Malaysia. 


“Life of Drama”. 

Performed for “Iyal Isai Museum Edutainment series” government organization. Infusing all the  traditional art forms and performed a story on live and struggles being in theatre field.  2018:  

Created an edutainment program for grades 1 to 5, where children are taught their  regular syllabus ( English, Social sciences and mathematics ) through mime in schools. Mime  has the power to educate and entertain. It is now spread over 35 schools in cities of Chennai  and Coimbatore and in Cuddalore District, Tamilnadu. 


KOKO– pantomime in English and Tamil 

This pantomime is written and directed by me which has elements of mime, music, shadow play,  clowning, gymnastics, dance and aerial act. It is a value-based entertainment. It was devised to  discuss about the upbringing of children in a modern scenario and is a take on the educational  system prevalent in society. It has been reviewed as must watch by parents and teachers as it carries a  message for children and parents. 


The Hindu : 

• http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-features/tp-fridayreview/count-on-this chicken/article17496576.ece 

The New Indian Express 

• http://www.newindianexpress.com/cities/chennai/1970/jan/01/onstage-chick-that-preached-to parents-1581353.html 

Chennai Bloggers Review 

• https://gokoulane.wordpress.com/2017/03/19/for-the-first-time-a-pantomime-in-tamizh/  



Safety Videos: My Major work in educating Industrial safety through theatre and started doing  videos based on industrial safety for companies like Murugappa Group, Larson and Toubro Chennai. 

Please find the link below For L&T Video 

Murugappa test video: 

1. Truck Driving Rules : 


2. Suspended Load : 


(Note : The videos are private, so it can be watched only from your Gmail/Youtube account.) Designed Curriculum 

Created a four-year long curriculum, to teach students, the basics of Mime, Shadow Theatre and Pantomime. As part of the course children will graduate from one art form to the other starting from  grade 5 to 8 (age between 9 to 13). It is theory-backed practical class which aims at getting the students  stage ready in each of the art form at the end of the year. 


We also started performing for television and reality shows, product launches, commercial ads, brand  promotion events, industrial safety day, private society events and private events such as weddings and  birthdays 

Link here: launch of a clinic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9CYgKgegsQ 


International Mime Theatre festival Second Edition, a five day festival. The participants  were, as below 

1. 8 – Schools (children over 200 students)  

2. 4 – Colleges 

3. 4 – Corporate Companies 

4. 4 – international mime theatre companies  

Link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rD7X30r8jDo 

Silent Theatre workshop, a ten day summer camp on introduced to school children in the schools  of Chennai, Cuddalore and Coimbatore.  


Introduced International Mime Theatre festival First Edition in South India a first of its  kind, the festival aims at bringing together mummers across borders on a single stage. The Mime Theatre  Festival gives an opportunity for amateur mummers to rub shoulders with legends in this artform. The 


participants were, as below 

1. 4 – Colleges 

2. 4 – Corporate Companies 

3. 4 – international mime theatre companies  


• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSjyZWajrPI  

• http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/chennai/the-poetry-in-silence/article5793241.ece 

Macbeth – A play Directed by me, in Mime (A William Shakespeare’s tragedy). It was staged in honor of  playwright, scriptwriter and director ‘Vietnam Veedu’ Mr. Sundaram (Late) celebrating 60 years on stage. 


• http://www.thehindu.com/features/friday-review/theatre/shakespeare-sans 


• http://www.thehindu.com/features/friday-review/vietnam-veedu-sundaram-talks-about-his-novel- stage-attempt macbeth-in-mime/article6267651.ece 

2013 to 2009: 

After learning and specializing in the field of mime, I started to contribute in my  own company Mactrics (Full time) in Mime and Body Theatre in the year 2013 February as  the Mime Artistic director.  

I have started taking annual day programs ( productions for schools).  

for details please refer school appreciation letters.  

THE CIRCUS Lead role (as Charlie Chaplin character named “Tramp”), a tribute to the  legend mime artist) was performed on August 16, 2013 at Lady Andal Auditorium, Chennai as part of  the prestigious Hindu MetroPlus Theatre Festival


• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDuRY6jae8Q 

VIDHURAN Acted in first ever production of mime, as a fully fledged theatre production in  South India, named Inspired from the Vidura of Mahabharata, 2011. 

Joined INDIAN MIME ACADEMY Hyderabad in the year 2009 June., To learn the art of Mime  Under the guidance of guru (Teacher) Arusam Madhusudan M.P.A ( Master in performing arts),. Also  worked under him as a practitioner and conducted mime training campaigns in colleges and corporate (for  employees and their family) under the guidance of Guru Arusam Madhusudan. 



• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVAfUztUqso 

• http://www.thehindu.com/features/friday-review/theatre/remarkable-blend-of-mime-and speech/article3283892.ece 


I hereby declare that all the furnished details above are true to the best of my knowledge. Sravanth Theverakonda Ramani

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