Sounds Like Greek (Gods) to Me!

Yug Pachchhapurkar

The Greek Gods were ancient Greek deities. There are 2 types of Greek Gods: major Greek Gods and minor Greek Gods. The major Greek Gods were basically the Olympian Gods. More on them later. The minor Greek Gods were other deities who had smaller parts to play in the universe. Now that we have covered the basic stuff about the Greek gods, let’s study about them in depth. I want to share this with everyone because I have been reading about the Greek mythologies and I was fascinated by the information I chanced upon.

Okay, so, where did they come from? The Greek Gods came from the ideas of a poet named Hesiod. The Greeks had so much influence across the world that man other religions made their gods with the same personality of the Greek Gods, just with different names. For example, in their Roman forms, Zeus turned into Jupiter and Poseidon turned into Neptune.

Now, the lifetime of a Greek God. Greek Gods are supposed to be “immortal”. And they are, to some extent. You see, Greek Gods can’t be killed by weapons or old age or even if they are blasted into tiny little particles of dust. But they can be killed if everything that they stand for is destroyed. For example , Zeus could die if thunderbolts, rain, wind, lightning, and air storms were destroyed. So, in this case, Greek Gods can die, though that does not happen very often.

Next, what do the Greek Gods think of us? To the Greek Gods, we are like gerbils who have fire, and cockroaches who can talk. So, to sum it up, the Greek Gods don’t think much of us.

Lastly, I’s like to talk about the Roman aspects of the Greek Gods. As you know, the influence of Greece spread far worldwide. After the Romans established the Roman Empire, they made their own Gods based on the Greek Gods, just with different names. For example, Zeus and Poseidon. There were also some Gods who kept their original Greek names while in their Roman forms, like Apollo.

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*Image Source: https://weheartit.com/articles/307460143-mythology-greek-gods

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  1. If you’ve seen ancient Greek art at a museum, you may have seen an image of the kithara. Ancient Greek pottery and sculpture often depict the Greek god Apollo playing this stringed musical instrument; the kithara was also engraved on coins during the Classical and Hellenistic periods. To play this Greek harp, you pluck the strings with both your hands, usually with a plectrum (pick) made of wood, ivory or metal. The word kithara helped give birth to the names of other stringed instruments, including the cittern, zither, and — you guessed it — the guitar!

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