Stop Motion Animation


10 Sessions

Children will get a chance to make their own animation movie using the stop motion technique. They will dream their own story, discover how life is added to inanimate objects in animation movies. They will get a chance to direct and shoot their own movie. This workshop will also expose them to how animation has evolved over time. They will need access to a camera and a laptop for this workshop.


1: Introduction  / Process of Animation /Make a GIF

2: Popular Animation / Understanding Frames – Make a frame by frame animation of a ball

3: Principles of Animation / Make a Flip Book

4: Story idea / Sorting the frames to make a movie

5: Character Design and Poses 

6:  Setting Design

7:  Storyboarding / Mini Movie(1)

8: Types of Animation / Putting it all together

9: Animation through programming

10: Other Animation Apps to use / Completing and sharing Mini Movie(2)

New Batches Starting

20th Dec 2021







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