Speakers’ Club


30 Sessions

Speakers Club is a place for children above 8 years to explore and learn about speaking. Speaking to a group in an organized or impromptu setting is a key skill for children to have. From preparing the speech to using voice and body to convey their point in a persuasive way, speakers’ Club will help children develop their own style in voicing their thoughts

● Self-Introduction
● Organized Speech
● Story / Poetry
● Persuasive Speech
● -Know the difference between using the throat and the diaphragm to talk /Attempt to talk
● using the diaphragm / Using voice based on a situation, with clarity
● Get to know more words/ build vocabulary / Talk to an audience / Use prompts to convey ● information about a topic
● Use voice and speak with clarity
● Managing Stage Fear and Nervousness
● Building Self Confidence
● Organizing your Speech

● Use of Gestures / Voice Control
● Work with words


Flexi Class Available on Request





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