Scratch Programming


30 Sessions

A fun way to get introduced and stay interested in programming. This course uses the scratch tool, to help children do simple programs and explore the fun side of coding

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Sub ModuleDescriptionLearning OutcomesProjectsChild investigations
Section – 1
Getting StartedProgramming is becoming more ubiquitous by the day. Scratch is the most popular tool used to introduce programming to children.1. Get Familiar with the different aspects of the tool
2. Create an Account – Know to save, reopen, share the projects
3. Know to add sprites, backgrounds, add blocks
4. Know how scripts can be written for sprites or backgrounds
1. Make a chasing game1. How can I move objects
2. Can I move backgrounds? Why?
3. What can I use this tool for
Events, Movements, LooksScratch is a Block based event-driven programming language. Know what are the common events used. Learn about the movement options and appearance options.1. Understand what events are in Scratch
2. Understand programs execute in a sequential manner once an event occurs
3. Know instructions to program Sprites to move and change their color, size, and graphic effects
4. Write programs to make the sprite move in a simple pattern and simple graphic effects
1. Make an Animated Name1. Can I animate a sprite that is not there in Scratch?
2. Can I make a bird sprite flap its wings?
Using Buttons, ConditionalsExplore conditionals to make story arcs, buttons to create interactive programs1. Making Programs with buttons
2. USe of conditions to change program behavior conditionally
1. Make a Story
2. Make a Talking Tom Game
1. What do I need to make my favorite videogame in Scratch?
Loops and VariablesExplore Loops to make repeated actions. Introduce to the idea of variables as a memory storage1. Explore the concept of Loops
2. Use variables to store scores
1. Make a pong game
2. Make a Dance animation
1. What else can I do with variables?
2. Like dancing, can I make a cricket game animation?
Section – 2
2 hrs
Even though children have been using logic, we introduce them to flowcharts here1. Knows symbols and connectors used in the flowchart
2. Can make flowcharts for real-world problem
1. Make a flowchart for ‘Getting ready to School’1. Why should I make a flowchart?
2. What are other ways to represent the program logic?
Extensions – Video Sensing, MusicOnce covering the basic concepts we move to the extensions.1. Understand features of the Video sensing extension
2. Explore the music Extensions
1. Make a video sensing game
2. Make Happy Birthday Music
1. Can I use video to detect my actions?
2. How can make scratch play a random music
Extensions – PenThe pen is a useful extension that is used as a beginning to introduce the concept of graphics in programming1. Use Pen extension to make simple shapes
2. Explore graphics using the pen extension
1. Make a Shape Generator
2. Create a graphic pattern
1. Can I make a full painting using a pen?





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