Quarterly Membership Plus



This membership allows you to choose

  • Program of your choice
  • 1-1 or Group sessions based on your preference
  • Flexibility in timings (Subject only to facilitator availability)
  • Personalized recommendations for the holistic development of the child
  • Regular 1-1 interactions for parents with Education experts

It helps us nurture the individual in a holistic manner by providing differentiated exposures. This is most beneficial when continued over a longer duration. On completing the Short term membership, we recommend switching to our long term membership plan

This membership provides 8 hours of session time which is valid over a period of 3 consecutive months.

Additional Benefits
Special discounts / exclusive participation for events

Price  ₹5499 upwards

Up to 6 months from the date of purchase. The first session needs to be taken within 6 months of the date of purchase. The remaining hours are valid for 3 months from the time of taking the first session

This is best suited for individuals who are keen on developing a strong exposure over one or multiple areas. This will serve as a tester membership to understand how our learning process works


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