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“What did you do?” is what we ask our children when they finish something rather than “How did you do?” Especially with Art, it is natural for us to focus on the final outcome than on the journey of exploration. However, for little artists, it is essential to explore a technique, tool, or materials so they understand how to use it their own way. Process Art is a popular art exploration method across the world used to help children, explore these. In this workshop, children will investigate
• Techniques like shading, stippling, imprinting
• Conventional and unconventional tools in the art (Variety of pencils to tools like a toothbrush)
• Multiple mediums and materials (Traditional paints, pastels, rocks, and even their own body)

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HoursDescriptionLearning OutcomesProjectsChild investigations
1.Introduction to shading2Children will understand the art of shading and explore the different techniques involved like smooth shading, cross-hatching, stippling, and scumbling. They will use different tools like colored pencils, crayons, and sketch pens to try them out.1. Children will be able to do different types of shading with different tools.
2.Children will learn to focus and be able to understand and follow instructions.
Fill in pictures using 3 different shading techniques, crosshatching, stippling, and scumbling.How will the picture look different, when I use different techniques?
2.Introduction to black and White Art2Children explore the use of colors black and white to create art. They will get a taste of the arresting results gained using stark contrast. They will create a craft using what they have learned.
They will also play games to have some fun and stay energized.
Use techniques to get an understanding of the effect of applying black on white to get great contrast effects.1.Zentangle creation
2. Penguin craft
Can you name things that are present in black and white in reality?(Zebra crossing, chessboard )
3.Introduction to Mixed Media Art2Children will learn about the art of using different media and bring them together to create a single work of art.
They will play interesting games for some fun and to regain their focus.
Learn to put different materials together to bring their imagination to life1.Pista or shell art(with paints) on paper
2.Sand art on a mountain outline
3. Art using foam stamps
How and for what would I use these different media to make a piece of art/craft home?
4.Introduction to Clay2Clay is a medium that has practical and artistic value. The children will try out different techniques of molding and using clay. Children will use their hands and fingers to touch and manipulate clay and make different shapes and give them some meaning.Learn about the use of clay as a material to create art.
Improve the gross motor skills by working and shaping on a medium such as clay
1.Clay nature stamps
2.Clay bowl
3.3D play dough faces
How can I use clay to represent things that I see around me?
5.Introduction to Paints2Children will learn about the art of coloring with paints. They will learn about the different techniques and tools that can be used when painting. They will paint on different materials to get interesting results.
They will play games to use their bodies and other senses to stay energized and have fun.
Children will be able to explore the possibility of creating art on different surfaces, tools, techniques with less inhibition1.Painting with hands-on paper
2. Painting faces on matchboxes
3. Toothbrush spray painting
How can I use different painting techniques to bring my imagination to life?

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