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10 Sessions

Dig it is an archaeology-themed workshop for children. Children will perform excavations, find shards of evidence, piece them together to recreate old artifacts. With the artifacts collected children will recreate scenes from those periods, create art and food from that period. Activities:

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Sub ModuleDescriptionLearning OutcomesProjectsChild investigations
1 – Introduction to ArcheologyIn this session, children will be introduced to the world of archeology in a fun, hands-on manner. They will orient themselves with the basics of archeology and this will set the tone for the sessions that follow.1. Learn about archeology and some common archeology vocabulary
2. Engage in activities that help set the context to explore archeology
Draw an Archeologist

Digging Charades

Make your own Cave Painting

Make your own Clay Coin

How can I crack clues/ hints based on evidence?

How would an archeologist look?

What information can you get from a coin?

2 – Tools of an ArcheologistIn this session, children will dig deeper into archeology and explore the tools used in this field and even test it out for themselves. They will also delve into the mind of an archeologist and learn to deduce information about a place/ event by finding and following clues.1. Learn different ways of studying past events by investigating spatial information
2. Understand how archeologists deduce information through spatial clues
Building Riddles

Clean and Crack your Clay Coin, Archeologist style!

How do you understand more about a person/ place/ an event by looking at a photograph?
3 – Fossils and Time CapsulesIn this session, children will explore fossils and how archeologists find them and deduce information from them. Apart from this, they will be engaging in fun, hands-on activities to learn about time capsules and digging sites.1. Explore the different kinds of clues that are buried in the earth
2. Discover stratigraphy and its uses
3. Extend and think about the time in the future when the current artifacts will become fossils
Find, Fit and Fix your Artefact

Make your own Time Capsule

Create your own Digging Site

What is stratigraphy and how does it help an archeologist?
4 – Thinking like an ArcheologistIn this session, children will take up each other’s digging sites and analyze them like an archeologist to create a story around it. They will also try their hand at cooking like their ancestors while learning about the invention of fire itself.1. Reflect on everything they have engaged within the previous sessions and work as an archeologist
2. Explore the invention of fire
Work like an Archeologist

Cook Corn, Cave Man Style!

How can we learn about our Ancestors? Why is it important?
5 – Evolution of Writing Tools and OccupationsIn this session, children will explore why historical information is recorded differently in different eras and will further engage in analyzing a given situation to weave a story around it. Finally, they will reflect on everything they have done and share their experiences with the group.1. Learn the evolution of information documentation
2. Understand the importance of ancestral history
2. Draw inferences from given pieces of evidence
3. Reflect on everything they have engaged within the previous sessions
History of the Writing Tools
Make your own Clay Utensil
What tools/ information can I use to study an event/ object?

How can I trace the history of the Wheel?

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5 Apr 2021

31 May 2021

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