5 Sessions

Children will explore how geography, climate, lifestyle, and cooking have affected each other. They will get a chance to make their own dishes. They will be able to appreciate how certain styles of cooking have evolved across the world irrespective of geographic differences. This will help them gain a different insight into cooking and geography.

1 – MexicoIn this session, children will explore how food and geography are deeply connected to each other. They will explore many questions on food, food habits, and geography through interactive activities. Then, they will delve deeper into the land of Mexico, understand the country and its food, and even try their hand at making a Mexican dish!1. Learn about the geography, culture, and cuisine of Mexico
2. Understand what shapes Mexican cuisine
3. Explore Mexican cuisine
4. Explore items of Mexican attire
Make a Sombrero Hat

Make an Apron

Make Chocolate Dip, Mexican style!

Why do people eat what they eat?

Does the place we stay in affect what we eat?

What do people in Mexico eat?

What are the similarities and differences in Mexican and Indian cuisine?

2 – LebanonIn this session, children will discover the fascinating world of Lebanon through some interesting activities and further explore how geography and climate determine what can be grown and consumed in a given area. They will understand Lebanese cuisine and also investigate how the climate there affects the diet. Then, they will get their aprons on to prepare a very popular Lebanese dish and savor it.1. Learn about the geography, culture and cuisine of Lebanon
2. Understand how climate affects the cuisine
3. Explore Lebanese cuisine and learn to make a Lebanese dish
Role Play on a Cookery Show

Make Hummus, Lebanese style!

What do people in Lebanon grow?

What do they eat?

Does the climate affect what we eat?

3 – IndiaIn this session, children will discover the diversity that is India, in terms of culture, geography, cuisine. They will also explore how food preparation and consumption are closely tied to the diverse festivals and customs observed in the country. Going a step further, the children will reflect on how local or global their everyday food is, and, finally, they will indulge in preparing a famous Indian dip.1. Learn about the geography, culture, and cuisine of India
2. Understand how diverse geography within a country influences what people eat in different regions
3. Explore Indian cuisine and learn to make an Indian dish
Play Snakes and Ladders

Make a Chef Cap

Make Fruit and Vegetable Raitha, Indian style!

What do people in India grow?

What do they eat?

Is everything we eat grown and made in India?

4 – JapanIn this session, children will explore the interesting world of Japan and learn more about the country’s land, culture, and food. They will engage in fun games and activities and even try their hand at a famous Japanese craft. They will learn about how the Japanese treat food and cooking and then try incorporating the same while preparing a famous Japanese dish themselves!
The children will also start prepping for the cookery show that will be held in the next session.
1. Learn about the geography, culture, and cuisine of Japan
2. Understand the customs and beliefs that drive Japanese food
3. Explore how climate influences clothing styles and patterns
4. Learn the art of Kirigami
5. Explore Japanese cuisine by making a Japanese dish
Debate on Climate and Clothing

Make Kirigami Paper Dolls

Make Soy and Ginger Dip, Japanese style!

What do people in Japan grow?

What do they eat?

What is the ‘power of five’ followed in Japanese cuisine?

5 – Global CuisineIn this session, children will reflect further on how global food is and whether there are some food dishes that are found/ enjoyed, and eaten all over the world. They will engage in fun activities and finally get onto preparing dishes for the cookery show. The session will conclude with this and a reflection of all that they have learned through the program.1. Investigate how local/ global our food is
2. Explore and understand how and why certain dishes are prepared similarly across the world
3. Participate in a cookery show and explore cooking a dish on your own
Debate on eating local food as opposed to externally sourced food

Participate in the Cookery Show!

What is global cuisine?

Can there be dishes that are liked and eaten the world over?

Why are certain food items shaped in a particular way?

New Batches Starting

26 Apr 2021

31 May 2021

Flexi class available on request

**Cooking ingredients and utensils need to available at home


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