Bugs Life


5 Sessions

Bugs Life is a journey with the creepy crawlies as they use all their Claws and Poisons to survive in world where most of the other creatures are bigger than themselves. We explore their habitats, their communities, food and how they perform their necessary functions. We will also explore the profession of an entomologist and what it entails

Sub ModulesDescription
Introduction to insects – common / uncommon insects and featuresIdentify unique features of insects
Observing Insects
Know the basic parts of an insect
Know different kinds of insects
Insect habitatsExplore insect Habitats
Explore plants that grow in those habitats and how they interact with insects
Insect LifecycleOrder stages of an insect
Describe insect life cycle using keywords molting and metamorphosis
Describe why insects need food
Describe what food different insects eat
Special InsectsExplore how insects help the environment
Insects and Camaflouge

New Batches Starting

5 Apr 2021

10 May 2021

Flexi class available on request


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