Atom & Ashtalakshmi


10 Sessions

Dusheera is a time of celebration. We explore our festivals through stories, crafts and some delicious food. In this age of technology, why not also give it a scientific edge? Atoms & Ashtalakshmi examines the mythology, ideas and celebratory practices with a scientific eye. Sounds too serious? Things are never so serious at Cilre programs. We’ll be experimenting, breaking and making things. Most of all having loads of fun and learning. Here are some themes we will be exploring

The course covers the following topics

  1. The victory of Light over darkness: Experimenting with Light

  2. The Strongest one of all: Strength of materials

  3. Sweet Secrets: The science of Indian festive cooking

  4. Bows and Arrows: Motion Science

  5. Everything and Nothing: Science of the universe and Science of the Atoms

Total Duration: 2 Modules each 5 hrs long



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