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Make their own cool mobile apps using App Inventor

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App Inventor
Sub ModuleDescriptionLearning OutcomesProjectsChild investigations
Section – 1
Getting StartedProgramming is becoming more ubiquitous by the day. Scratch is the most popular tool used to introduce programming to children.1. Get Familiar with the different aspects of the tool
2. Create an Account – Know to save, reopen, share the projects
3. Know to add components and modify their Properties
4. Know how to add blocks to create functionality
5. Connecting and downloading the app into your phone
1. Make a ‘Talk to Me’ App1. What are some apps I know and Like
2. What are some apps I want to Make
UI DesignDesigning how we interact with the apps and how to build them using various components is a crucial part of any app development1. Explore a variety of components
2. Relate which components are used under what circumstances
3. Know basic rules of UI Design
1. Make a ‘ Mole Mash’ Game1. What components change in an App and what components don’t? When can we use either of these components
Adding FunctionalityOnce the UI design is done the next aspect is to incorporate functionality to the UI elements1. Use Event-driven Programming
2. Operations, Conditionals to create functionality
3. Use programming concepts to build apps
1. Make a paint App1. How can I add more colors to my paint app
2. Can I make this app work on an iPhone also?
SensorsOur phones today house a lot of sensors. Here we explore a variety of sensors to create interesting apps1. Explore Sensors and how to build apps using them1. Make an 8-ball1. How can I use the other sensors
Section – 2
Internet-based AppsMany apps today harvest the power of the fact phones are mostly connected to the internet1. Understand how to use the activity starter block for some services
2. Explore the challenges and possibilities while working with internet-based apps
1. Make a ‘Video Wall’ App
2. Make a ‘My Maps’ app
1. What are different services that are available while programming with Android
Using DatabasesAs apps start using the internet, to enable peer-to-peer communication, we need to be using databases.1. Basics of databases
2. Use database in internet-based apps
1. Make a Chat app1. What is the difference between a file and a database?
Publishing and Sharing AppOnce creating an app, there are many ways to share the app. There is also a possibility of publishing it officially1. Different ways to share an app
2. Process to publish in the official app store
1. Share an app with friends, collect feedback1. Did I enjoy this process. How is this process different from other programming languages I know




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