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What’s in our toothpaste we use every day? What makes some things smell nice? Alchemy is an introductory workshop that explores the chemistry of things that children do and experience every day. At the workshop, children will do experiments, discover things through games. Children will experiment, learn some chemistry and have fun

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Sub ModulesDescriptionLearning OutcomesProjectsChild investigations
Power It upEnergy is the basis of everything around us. Children explore the chemistry of how energy can be generated and used.Discover that food has a store of chemical energy, which can be used.
Discover how a battery works, using copper pennies
Discover how chemicals can spontaneously give out light
Discover that chemicals can spontaneously give out heat and take in heat
Reflect on how chemical energy is transferred to keep us alive
1. Make a Potato Cell Battery
2. Chemistry circle of Life
Why specific materials will work better for solar energy
How common substances can burn differently
The Chemist’s LunchCooking at home is where the most visible and closest chemistry happening. In this session, we peep into the food and the process to discover the chemistry behind themDiscover the role of each ingredient in baking and understand that baking is a huge chemical process
Discover how the molecules in the food can behave very differently when they react with other chemicals in food.
Understand the reason for elasticity due to the chemical reactions
Understanding food labels
Checking if there are chemicals that we don’t want in food
1. Make chocolate play dough
2. Analyse Junk Food
How much sugar is there in common drinks?
How much fat is there in some junk food?
Slippery ChemistrySoaps, Sanitisers: Cosmetics and Cleaning agents. How do they work? What are they made of? Do they really help? What is the underlying chemistry?Discover how soap is made and why it works
Understand the process of cleaning without water
Understand how bubbles are made and what can make them stronger
Understand the opposite of bubbles, Water surrounded by air.- Observe the difference
1. Make Hand Sanitiser
2. Test to find the pH Value of Soaps
Are soaps used only to clean?
Discover some strange and strong smells and understand how we get them
Chemistry for FunFrom slime to fireworks, chemistry is behind a lot of fun things. In this session, we explore some fun things we can do with the help of ChemistryMake and examine slime and its properties
Understand how the density of the liquids influences the way they mix.
Understand the effect of bleach
Understand how dyes are created
1. Make Slime
2. Natural Dyes
What chemistry is behind how we see things

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10 May 2021

Flexi class available on request

**Students need to have materials required for the projects as informed

** Some activities can change due to availability of materials and for safety in case adults are unavailable to supervise


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