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Want to be in a debate like the ones you watch in the Arnab Goswami Show? Debates are not just arguments but are a powerful tool that uses logic, facts, emotion, and language to put across a side you believe in. In this workshop, you will learn some techniques and tools that are useful in debating, listen to some good debates and participate in some.

Sub ModulesDescriptionLearning OutcomesProjectsChild investigations
Debate: IntroductionIntroduction to Debates. Understanding Stances and argumentsKnow the Three stances in a debate
Identify the stance in relation to the topic and know their stance
Given a topic, come up with a set of statements for others to identify their stance. Provide these statements to at least 10 different people and record their answersAre there statements for which they are unable to make up a stance?
Facts and OpinionsFacts and opinions form key parts of arguments. Knowing and understanding them can help use them well in debatesDescribe What is a Fact. Demonstrate with examples what is a fact and what is not. Describe why
Describe What is opinion. Demonstrate with examples what is Opinion and what is not. Describe why
Talk about what you think of your friends or family in 10 sentences
Given a set of statements, identify if they are facts or opinions
What are some keywords that we use when we state facts and when we use opinions?
Speaking ConfidentlyConfidence while speaking is a key part of speaking. Along with other body language traits, this plays a key role in the impression it makes on the audience.Tips and tricks to speak confidently
Managing Nervousness and Stage Fear
Knowing some practices like breathing, practice, visualization, research, preparation, making friends with the audience can help to feel more confident
Practice Visualisation
Practice Deep Breathing Exercises
What else do you think can help you feel confident before speaking?
Getting your Content RightResearching for your speech and deciding the content is winning half the battle in a debate.Researching for a topic
Find, cite, quote, and connect information appropriately
Incorporating stories, anecdotes, poetry in your speech
Make simple poetry with your special words to praise your opponent
Make a quiz given a set of topics and ask it to another team
Build an Explanation to convince an evil overlord who captured you to release you
What were you comfortable with? What were you uncomfortable about? How did you figure out what to say?
Anatomy of a DebateWhat goes on in a debate, what are the parts of. Diving into them helps to break them down to build a strong argumentDescribe what is a debate
Describe the following Debating Terminology
Affirmative and Negative side
Point of information
Give an example for each of the debating terminologies, given a topic
Watch a debate and note down when the debating terminology events happen
Make a written debate for both sides. Follow the structure of the formal debate
Is there any other scenario you think can happen in a debate? Is there a word for it?
Next time you have an argument, make a mental note of what is happening. After it is over reflect on Was it a debate? Did it follow the structure of a debate? Were there parts of it similar to a debate?
Listening and RebuttalListening is a key part of Debate Skills. Without listening you would not be able to refute or support the arguments. An argument can be mild and focus on supporting your claim or can be strong and focus on destroying the other’s claim.Know that listening is an important skill
Improve capacity to listen to small details
Listen and Summarise
Know types of arguments
Understand how to structure a rebuttal
Listen to instructions only and perform an action
Prepare an argument
Prepare a Rebuttal
When would you use which approach for rebuttal?
VerbattleEthos, Pathos Logos from the times of Plato has formed the basis of rhetoric.Know and Apply ways to support your argument
Ways to win an argument
“Can you Distract me?”
Convince Me
Team Debate
What strategies while constructing arguments convinced you?

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17 May 2021

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